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Starting An Herb Garden: Seeding


Hansen and I recently took on the project of having our own herb garden. 
We've never really, fully taken on gardening.  So, in no way are we experts.  This is really just a few of the hiccups and tricks we've learned a long the way! 
In the past, we've always had cacti (which I love!). 
They are easy to take care of and they don't take a lot of grunt work. 
Plus, they are beautiful. 
Yes, I said it, I think cacti are beautiful. 
Visiting Arizona throughout my childhood really gave me an appreciation for the desert's beauty. 
Well, on to the gardening!

Starting An Herb Garden: Seeding

What You'll Need
+Seeding Pot Soil 
+Seeding Pots or Styrofoam Cups
+Ziploc Bags
Step 1: Choose Your Seeds (Probably one of my favorite parts! We chose sage, rosemary, basil, cilantro, dill, cat grass, and thyme for our herb garden and we chose spaghetti squash, hot pepper, watermelon, and radish for the future flower beds we are making!). 
+Using your seeding pot soil, fill your seeding pots all the way up to the top.
+Don't forget to mark the outside of your seeding pots with your marker, so you know which is which!
Step 2: Once you've filled the seeding pots, use your fingers to make small holes/little homes for your seeds. 
Step 3: Once your little holes have been made, you can place a few seeds in each hole. 
Depending on how large your seeds are will help you estimate how many seeds you can place in each hole. For instance, watermelon seeds are on the larger side, so you would only place one in each hole. 
Step 4: Use the soil and cover your little seedlings! Now, thoroughly water your planted seeds. 
You should have quite a few extra seeds, so pull out those Ziploc bags and store the leftovers. 
Important Note: Water is the key to seeding. You need to make sure you are watering your seedlings every day, if you don't they'll dry out and potentially you'll lose all your hard work. 

Step 5: After a few weeks of constant nurturing and watering, you'll begin to see the signs of nature taking its course!
+Little sprouts will begin to pop up in your seeding pots. 
+Once your seeds have reached an acceptable length (just look at the back of your seed packages), you can transport them to your herb box or flower garden. 
If you don't have an herb box or feel like making your own, make sure to check out Hansen and I's DIY Pallet Planter! It's wonderful for small living or living in an apartment! 

[[Have you ever started your own garden before? What are your tips and tricks to seeding?]]