Live On The Green | Ingrid Michaelson


Last weekend Hansen and I ventured to Public Square Park for Live On The Green.
It had been a few years since we had been to the show. 
But we were determined to make it out this year!

Her Birchbox: Birchbox Wednesday #2


It's that time of the month again, it's the end of August which means another Birchbox review! This month has gone by incredibly fast! I'm in disbelief with how fast August has just whizzed by. If you have been reading along you'll know that I was pretty disappointed with my first Birchbox but I have to say, if it hadn't been for this box, I probably would have quit my subscription all together. So, what was in my August Birchbox? Let's take a peak!

His Birchbox: Birchbox Man Monday #2


Birchbox Man
Another month has come and gone, and with that, I have found new things that are necessary for keeping me feeling like a gentleman. I of course am speaking of the August Birchbox Man box that came in the mail early in the month! Let's get down to the brass tacks:

Old Stone Fort | Enjoying The Big Outdoors


Hansen and I packed up our bags and drove out into nature Friday night. 

Pirate Pounder | Craft Cocktail Recipe


craft cocktail recipes, recipes, adult beverages

Hey guys, Hansen here!

I am a big fan of rum. Yes, that firewater distilled from fermented cane juices, aged in oak barrels, and drank by sailors and pirates alike. My personal draw to rum (particularly the dark, aged, and spiced varieties) actually has nothing to do with pirates, corsairs, or privateers. I am drawn to the distinct and unique flavor it has- sweet and spicy, and it's not too alcohol-y that it tastes like gasoline. Rum is readily intermingled with various fruits and flavors into a rustic and adventurous beverage to be enjoyed by those of adventurous and risky nature, as well as those who write blogs and live in urban areas. A great example is the Pirate Pounder, which I have devilishly conspired with Heidelberg to create for your responsible enjoyment. This drink follows the same basic principles as our previous cocktails (i.e. muddle, mingle, and shake) as well as uses a couple of the same ingredients so you won't have to get as many things from the store (big plus!). Lets get on with it!

His Birchbox: Birchbox Man Monday


Birchbox Man, Birchbox, July Birchbox
Hey guys, Hansen here-

Happy Monday! I've been told that I'm overly optimistic for it being a Monday. I feel like it is important to start off the day (and the week) on the right foot, or you won't be able to effectively get over that mid-week hump, and are left feeling like a sad panda on Thursday (just go with me, here). My Monday morning ritual of shower, shave, and prep has been boosted recently with my recent subscription to Birchbox Man. If you are unfamiliar with Birchbox, it's a monthly subscription box where you get samples and swag of things you most likely want to buy but don't want to dish out the bucks just to try it.  My first Birchbox came in the mail a couple weeks ago and I was pretty excited about the samples I received-- Lets dig in and talk shop on what came in the July Birchbox:

Revlon ColorStay Moisture Stain | Review


revlon colorstay moisture stain, revlon, revlon makeup
Revlon is one of my favorite drugstore brands. I've never been disappointed with their color selections; they are always diverse and vibrant with great staying power. In the past, I've stuck to using their lipsticks specifically their Super Lustrous Lipstick which I can't sing high enough praises for. Don't even get me started about the ColorStay Nail Polish. That stuff is an addiction. Maybe one day I'll show you my ridiculous collection of nail polish but not today. Today I'm going to talk about Revlon's newest addition, the ColorStay Moisture Stain.

Her Birchbox: Birchbox Wednesday


Birchbox, Women's Birchbox. July Birchbox
Hansen and I decided to jump on the Birchbox bandwagon.
So far, I've been captivated by Hansen's boxes, seriously they are wonderful.
Just wait, you'll see!
The Women's Birchbox hasn't completely swayed me just yet, you'll see why when you see my very first Birchbox but I still have high hopes that my boxes will get better as we go. I noticed that a lot of first time Birchboxers ( that even a word? Well, I'm coining it now!) had pretty much the exact same box as me. So, I'm guessing they have a standard box each month they send out to newbie Birchboxers. What a shame. 
Anyways! Hansen and I thought it would be fun to do a series of the Birchbox products we get as well as share our thoughts. Each month I'll share my Birchbox on a Wednesday of the month while he'll share his Birchbox box on a Monday of the month. Maybe we will even disclose any tips and tricks we encounter along the way to make our Birchbox stocked with better goodies!
So, if you're curious to see what was inside my box, follow along! 

Terra Cotta Pots Makeover


diy terra cot pot
If you have been reading along with Hansen and I, you'll know we started our first garden this year! Which means we've been doing a lot of garden-related projects and crafts. Did you catch our pallet planter? Well to spruce up our patio with more colorful pots for our plants without breaking the bank, we decided to buy several terra cotta pots that were on sale at Old Time Pottery (they were a steal!) and get our creative juices going! For our medium and small sized pots we did fabric pots--you can see how we did those here. The larger terra cotta pots got a bit of a different makeover! So, we went over to our local hardware store and picked up a few spray paint colors, painters tape, and some old boxes.

DIY: Beer Carton Coasters


diy beer carton coasters, men's gifts, diy gifts
Hey everyone, Hansen here! Heidelberg will tell you that I very much enjoy trying new things, especially when it comes to food and drink. Recently, I was enjoying a very tasty brew when as I set the bottle down on the coffee table, was met with a look of utter horror. I forgot the coaster. Now, it should be said that I understand and agree with the importance of coasters -- they protect the wonderful wood finish of the furniture we like, as well as make great decorative pieces. The issue is that we currently don't own any coasters (save the handful of paperboard ones I've acquired from local brewhouses, but even those are becoming worn and tattered). As I finished that delicious, hoppy libation and reached in the refrigerator for another, I quickly took note of the cardboard carton these craft beers were being held in. I had read an article on the inter-webs about turning the wonderful artwork displayed on the 6-pack's sides into some really cool beer carton coasters. The best part, it costs less than the beer to make! 

DIY: Fabric Pots


diy garden crafts, diy fabric pots, fabric pots, diy gifts
I couldn't help but be swept away by all the wonderful fabric pots Christine Chitnis made over on her blog that I had to make my own! She didn't do a step by step guide so I thought I'd help out by offering my own. One of the main ingredients to fabric pots is mod podge. Honestly, I had never even used it before but now mod podge is my new favorite craft supply. Seriously, this stuff is fantastic. I wasn't quite sure how well it was going to work on fabric & pots let alone used to make a fabric pot but I couldn't believe how amazing it was. So, lets get started.

Quick Update + Blog Renovation


Good Morning! I just wanted to do a quick little post to tell you that over the next week or two I'll be redesigning my blog--yay! Finally! Hansen and I are doing all of the changes ourselves, so please bare with me as I go through this process. Excuse our mess =) As always you can find us on Hansen and I's other social media platforms. 

+Free People+


free people
Recently, I had my first experience shopping at Free People.
If you haven't heard of Free People before they are a bohemian inspired brand--filled with lace, layers, and beautiful unique pieces for the boho girl.
I wanted to shop in-store before I made any purchases online simply to get a feel for their sizing before I took the online shopping plunge!
And let me just say, I'm glad I did. 

+Urban Outfitters+


Clothes are one of my major weaknesses.
They have been for pretty much my entire life.
Growing up, I was a daddy's girl. 
My father would take me shopping for our "Daddy Daughter" days and I just loved going with him to all the different stores, looking at the displays and then coming away with a pretty dress or winter coat.

A Love-Note To: Boscia MakeUp-Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil


boscia, boscia makeup-breakup cool cleansing oil, best makeup removers
I have never met a makeup-remover I have loved as much as you.
Yes, you Boscia.
In the beginning, I admit, I was hesitant.
I didn't think you were everything you were cracked up to be.
Can you blame me?
In the past, I've met other makeup-removers who promised things but just couldn't get the job done.
Plus, you weren't like the other makeup-removers.
And to be honest, that frightened me.
But your preservative-free solution broke up all my makeup, dissolved my impurities, and with a light rinse washed away all the residue.
For the first time, I opened my eyes to see a blank canvas.
My skin, as sensitive as it is, felt fresh and clean.
I wouldn't have to spend the next ten minutes prodding at my eyes with dabs of makeup-remover to get rid of the traces of eyeliner and mascara clearly still visible on my face.
For the first time, I only needed to use my makeup-remover once.
For the first time, my makeup-remover did exactly what it claimed to do.

So thank you, Boscia for being so amazing.
Love you dearly. xoxo.

Old Into New: Reupholstering 101


reupholstering, chair reupholster, diy project, diy reupholster,
++Hansen found this sad, neglected and left to the side of the curb chair awhile back. I can remember him saying on the phone, "We can do something with it, it has potential!"
Well, when he brought it home I gave it a good look over and decided it wasn't in too bad of shape and it shouldn't be too difficult to bring back to life; all it needs is a little sanding, a fresh coat of color, and reupholstering!
I thought this would be the perfect DIY tutorial to show how to reupholster; reupholstering can be tough but a small project like this one is a great first project for beginners!
+So, lets get started!

Starting An Herb Garden: Seeding


Hansen and I recently took on the project of having our own herb garden. 
We've never really, fully taken on gardening.  So, in no way are we experts.  This is really just a few of the hiccups and tricks we've learned a long the way! 
In the past, we've always had cacti (which I love!). 
They are easy to take care of and they don't take a lot of grunt work. 
Plus, they are beautiful. 
Yes, I said it, I think cacti are beautiful. 
Visiting Arizona throughout my childhood really gave me an appreciation for the desert's beauty. 
Well, on to the gardening!

What's This? A Liebster Award For Hansen & Heidelberg


Today, I'm going to be writing about something a little bit different; the Liebster Award. 
I don't know if you've ever heard of it, I know I didn't until I was graciously nominated by Samantha Natalie over at her blog 
But what it is, is an award given to lesser known bloggers who are given a spotlight to circulate not only their own blogs but to nominate and circulate others as well! 
Below I've listed my nominees, questions, etc! 
Take a look at a few bloggers I think are worth checking out! 

Make Me Over


Make Me Over

Elizabeth and James black fragrance / Bobbi Brown Cosmetics beauty product / Bobbi Brown Cosmetics mineral make up / MAKE UP FOR EVER matte foundation / Mascara / Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush

These are just a few makeup items I've been dying to try recently! They are definitely on the Wish List to buy on my next Sephora trip!

Three Birthdays + Cameo App = Wonderful Weekend


Much like February, May is packed with birthdays. 
We celebrated THREE birthdays! My sister and brother's birthday along with Hansen's brother! 
Did I mention they all fall in the same week too? 
Needless to say, we've been busy this month. 
+++My beautiful sister turned 30 this year. 
I wish we had been able to have a 30 day countdown for her birthday--We could have a special event or activity to do each unit her birthday but atlas, we didn't think of it soon enough to plan it out. 
Instead, we decided to celebrate for 3 days! 
Friday: We had dinner & drinks 
Saturday & Sunday: We booked a campsite and kayaks and spent the good portion of the day kayaking the beautiful Duck River! 
We cozied up to a warm fire and the weather was perfect. 
We were all worried it might rain but it didn't even come close! 
It was like mother nature was wishing her a "happy birthday!"
+I decided not to take my camera because I don't have a water proof case for it yet, so I decided to capture the event through a special video. 

Camping Guidelines & Tips


Recently, Hansen and I had the opportunity to go to an introductory Backpacking class where we reviewed few of the guidelines to consider when you are out in nature! I've compiled a list to help you when you plan out your next trip.

Renaissance Festival


Hansen and I spent the weekend filled with laughs, drinks, and gigantic Turkey Legs.

The Outdoors Are Calling: What To Bring


+Hansen and I have a few camping trips planned now that Summer is well on its way and the nasty weather is hopefully behind us.
We thought we'd share a comprehensive guide to help you pack for your camping trips this year!
+While we aren't experts, we consider ourselves well versed and have backpacked quite a few times throughout the Smokey's and Middle Tennessee.
+We've encountered bears, snakes, poison ivy, mosquitoes, dangerous weather conditions etc.

The Hummingbird Craft Cocktail

Hansen here with another craft cocktail to soak up the sun in!
I've crafted a cocktail with a fresh herb and citrus taste combined with sweetness from an ice cold lemonade.
& it's Heidelberg approved. 
We decided to name it The Hummingbird. 
All made from fresh ingredients you could pick from a garden-well minus the simple syrup but that will be our secret.
So, relax and enjoy.

What's In My Bag


After Winter, I tend to do a purse detox. 
I've compiled a "What's In My Bag" blog post to share my essentials during the Spring and Summer!

Eyelet Shift Dress + Boho Fringe Bag + Wedge Sandals


Spring is in full bloom. 
+I've packed up my winter wardrobe and unpacked my Spring wardrobe.
I stumbled upon this beautiful eyelet shift dress I purchased on a whim last year from Forever21. The wonderful thing about a shift dress is it flatters almost every single body type. 

Easter + Bike Rides + Mimosas + Gardening


It's Earth Day! 
What a better way to celebrate then to write a post about our weekend we spent outdoors!
+Hansen and I spent our Friday and Saturday exploring Tennessee's hidden trails on our bikes.
It was absolutely breathtaking this weekend, and I'm so glad it's finally warmed up enough to enjoy nature.

Stila Stay All Day 10-1 HD Illuminating Beauty Balm + Review


+Beauty Balms have been around for awhile but they only recently hit mainstream over the last couple years. Beauty Balms help to treat, hydrate, prime, protect and camouflage the skin. Beauty Balms or BB creams are formulated for all skin types, especially those with sensitive skin. They are an excellent source to moisturize and smooth dehydrated skin, prime and correct discoloration for uneven skin tones, smooth the skin, and with the addition of SPF protect your skin from the sun. 
+I've always been a huge advocate of Stila eyeshadows, so it didn't take much of a leap for me to try out their beauty balm. Let me just say, I fell in love. I've tried several other beauty balms and illuminators in the past but haven't been impressed. 

So, what did I love about it?

Cedars of Lebanon + Whiskey Kitchen


Good morning, 
+As I sit here, cozied up in my blankets, I catch myself reminiscing the weekend's highlights. 
Hansen and I took a break from technology and escaped to the outdoors.
+It can be so refreshing to feel the cool air, and the sun gleaming on your face while you experience Spring take its first breath of the season. 
+We've been counting the days for a nice weekend. The weather seems to always flip-flop. 
This past weekend was beautiful; the sun was shining, the birds and bees chirping, flowers blooming but apparently it's going to snow today. rained all last night. 
Actually, I enjoy the rain; the way it feels on the skin, the different sizes and speeds it travels, and my favorite, the sounds. 
But I haven't been enjoying how much rain we've had lately. 

A Mint How To


One of my favorite staples to wear in the Spring is mint pants. I even carry them over into Summer on chilly nights. Unfortunately, they aren't the easiest thing to pair. So, I'm sharing three of my favorite mint outfits for inspiration & whatever your day holds! 
1.  Try Color Blocking & Oversized Cardigans 
with your Mint Pants

Avant Garde: Decorative Easter Eggs


+I've recently been inspired by all the innovative ways to decorate eggs.
But this year, I knew I wanted Easter eggs I could keep stored away in my decoration boxes to pull out every year. So, I decided to go "Avant Garde" and decorate my own styrofoam Easter eggs!

DIY: Pallet Planter


Hansen and I have been talking about having our own herb garden since our first place together; five apartments ago! We move a lot. 
We have been in-love with the pallet trend but didn't have anywhere in our house that fit the pallet style so we opted for a pallet planter herb garden! Whew.. that was a mouth full.
+When we finally set roots, we plan on having a garden, but for now we wanted a small herb garden we could build ourselves and transport easily. Easily being the key-word. 
+Recently, we made our very own small herb garden and wanted to share it with you! Perfect for small-living, apartment lifestyle, or if you just want something that is low-maintenance! 
Plus, I'm looking forward to not having to worry about scavenging the entire city looking for fresh basil or fresh thyme.

Rice Krispie Eggs: Easter's Hidden Surprise


+++Easter is just around the corner! You know what that means? Holiday-themed treats! 
I wasn't kidding when I said I love to make holiday-themed treats. 
These are incredibly easy to make and so, so, so affordable! 
I made these last year, and gave them out to Hansen's co-workers as a little Easter-themed treat, they were a huge success! Everyone loved opening them up to find a hidden surprise inside! 

March Into Spring


++It's officially Spring!!! Hooryah! The flowers are starting to bloom, birds are singing, bees are buzzing and I have nothing to wear......
+Seriously, I am clutching to my oversized sweaters screaming to myself “No, I’m not ready! I haven’t done any shopping for this yet!”

DIY: Blackhead Exfoliant Scrub


+Correct me if I'm wrong but I think Blackheads are far more fickle than pimples, at least pimples I can say good-bye to while blackheads make a home and bury themselves for what seems like an eternity...
Finally! I found something that is giving my blackheads the boot! 
+An easy, at-home remedy for those pesky little buggers. 

Spring Fever: Midi High


Spring Fever: Midi High

++Crop Tops & Midi Skirts. Not the first time we have seen them hit the runway,  but this Spring they are an absolute must! I can't wait to expand my wardrobe with brightly colored (barely showing) mid-drift tops, full vibrant midi skirts, elaborate sandaled heels, and bright colored polish!

The Green Dragon Public House


“Far over the misty mountains cold
To dungeons deep and caverns old
We must away ere break of day
To seek the pale enchanted gold.

The pines were roaring on the height,
The wind was moaning in the night.
The fire was red, it flaming spread;
The trees like torches blazed with light.

Far over the misty mountains cold
To dungeons deep and caverns old
We must away, ere break of day,
To claim our long-forgotten gold."
-The Hobbit J.R.R Tolkien 

Spring Forward: Messy Braided Hair How To


Spring is finally here! 
For me, that means bohemian dresses, wildflowers, and listening to UsTheDuo quite frequently. So, I thought I'd share one of my go-to hairstyles for Spring!

A messy, romantic, bohemian, spring-look; perfect for any day out in nature, at school, or on a date! 

Ice-Pocalypse: Snow Day


Currently, the entire city is shutdown.
Okay.....Maybe, I'm exaggerating just a little.
But due to inclement weather, majority of the city is still in their pajamas, cozied up in blankets, with a mug of hot tea or a warm beverage, including myself.

Part II: Birthday Celebrations


Sunday, my mister celebrated his birthday! 
+He has never been one for extravagant birthdays or huge celebrations, so we seized the opportunity to have a little get-together to commemorate! 
+My mister chose he wanted a late lunch, bowling, and of course, games! The birthday boy chose BBQ at Jim N' Nicks! I can't even think of the last time we had BBQ to be honest. At the very least it has been over a year! 

Part I: Birthday Party Celebrations


Over the weekend, my mister and I ventured up to Tennessee. 
We celebrated with friends, reconnected with old ones, and reunited with family.
One of the main events was my nieces' Princess themed birthday party! 
She invited the young princesses & knights to join her in a royal celebration. 

Pop-fetti Balloons: The Birthday Box DIY


February is literally birthday month for us (not to mention Valentine's Day).
And believe it or not they all fall within the same week! Talk about a lot of birthdays all at once. Which can definitely be costly & add up quickly! 

+I think it is really important to ensure everyone feels special during their birthday; no matter how old they are!

+This year because Hansen and I are not in the same state as our family, I thought I would send my niece a special Birthday Box!

+She is going to receive a large cardboard box & a birthday card with a pin taped on the inside. How exciting, right???

Into The Stars


Last year, my mister & I hopped into the car & drove for miles upon miles to find the perfect stargazing spot  to watch the Draconid Meteor Shower...

Eventually we came to an open field, where the field was lit with the light of the stars & moon.
We packed blankets and pillows to topple onto the roof of our car and snuggle up beneath the stars.
It was breathtaking..
So breathtaking in fact, I have been picturing the constellations in my mind over & over..

Valentine's Day Inspired Cocktail: Not Enough Thyme


Hansen here:

Heidelberg and I like to explore, try new things, and overall just get out of our comfort zones from time to time.  On our last excursion, we ventured into the world of craft cocktails.  Before we get ahead of ourselves, let me explain a little about us and our choice of beverages.

Valentine's Day Nails [For Every Type of Girl]


+With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I've come up with five nail polish looks that are easy, fast, and perfect for the upcoming holiday!

Be Mine: Valentine's Day Cheesecake Hearts


I'm not sure why, but when a Holiday is around the corner, I feel the sudden urge to make Holiday themed treats!

A Night On The Town


+++When I found the Topshop dress above, I instantly fell in love. I just adore this season's skater trend! Not to mention, it is timeless. What we call "Skater"can be seen throughout Fashion History. Plus, the trend is flattering on almost every single figure, which is hardly ever the case. 

DIY: Cellulite Body Scrub


This post is for any of you ladies out there who have to deal with cellulite. Especially with Spring just around the corner, showing a bit more skin is inevitable. I couldn't say if I'm excited or loathing the idea. 

For those of us who have cellulite it means we have the task of getting rid of it, or at the very least, diminishing its appearance...Oh dear...