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Into The Stars


Last year, my mister & I hopped into the car & drove for miles upon miles to find the perfect stargazing spot  to watch the Draconid Meteor Shower...

Eventually we came to an open field, where the field was lit with the light of the stars & moon.
We packed blankets and pillows to topple onto the roof of our car and snuggle up beneath the stars.
It was breathtaking..
So breathtaking in fact, I have been picturing the constellations in my mind over & over..
I decided I wanted to forever imprint this moment in time by creating an art piece of my mister & I's constellations (Pisces & Capricorn).

I scoured Etsy & Pinterest for inspiration, I found beautiful stationary, jewelry, artwork, and realized I wasn't the only one in love with the stars....

Now, properly inspired, Hansen & I made our piece of art.

+White Canvas (I bought mine at Michael's when they had one of their sales, it cost me near to nothing!)
+Folk Art Acrylic Paint (midnight blue & white)
+Sponges & Roller Sponge (Michael's)
+Print out of constellations of your choosing, I used Pisces & Capricorn, my mister & I's signs (located here & here)
+Small Tipped Paint Brush
+Blank Stencil Sheets
+X-acto Knife
+Step 1:Paint canvas using a sponge in midnight blue (2 coats)
+Let dry for 1-2 hours
+Step 2: Using an X-acto Knife cut the constellation of your choosing (cut out the dark areas except the stars) by placing your constellation underneath the Blank Stencil Sheet
+Step 3: Once canvas is completely dry, tape stencil onto canvas (make sure it's tight)
+Step 4: Using the white paint & either a roller or regular sponge dab the paint on the stencil (this will take several strokes/pats)
+Let dry for 1-2 hours before removing stencil (this will ensure you don't smudge the painting at any point)
+Step 5: Once completely dry, remove stencil
+Step 6: Use the small tipped paint brush to paint in the stars and then let dry!
+Once dry, you can hang your constellation art piece!
Note: If you make a mistake, simply paint over it with the midnight blue paint and try again! 
Happy Stargazing!