Terra Cotta Pots Makeover


diy terra cot pot
If you have been reading along with Hansen and I, you'll know we started our first garden this year! Which means we've been doing a lot of garden-related projects and crafts. Did you catch our pallet planter? Well to spruce up our patio with more colorful pots for our plants without breaking the bank, we decided to buy several terra cotta pots that were on sale at Old Time Pottery (they were a steal!) and get our creative juices going! For our medium and small sized pots we did fabric pots--you can see how we did those here. The larger terra cotta pots got a bit of a different makeover! So, we went over to our local hardware store and picked up a few spray paint colors, painters tape, and some old boxes.

DIY: Beer Carton Coasters


diy beer carton coasters, men's gifts, diy gifts
Hey everyone, Hansen here! Heidelberg will tell you that I very much enjoy trying new things, especially when it comes to food and drink. Recently, I was enjoying a very tasty brew when as I set the bottle down on the coffee table, was met with a look of utter horror. I forgot the coaster. Now, it should be said that I understand and agree with the importance of coasters -- they protect the wonderful wood finish of the furniture we like, as well as make great decorative pieces. The issue is that we currently don't own any coasters (save the handful of paperboard ones I've acquired from local brewhouses, but even those are becoming worn and tattered). As I finished that delicious, hoppy libation and reached in the refrigerator for another, I quickly took note of the cardboard carton these craft beers were being held in. I had read an article on the inter-webs about turning the wonderful artwork displayed on the 6-pack's sides into some really cool beer carton coasters. The best part, it costs less than the beer to make! 

DIY: Fabric Pots


diy garden crafts, diy fabric pots, fabric pots, diy gifts
I couldn't help but be swept away by all the wonderful fabric pots Christine Chitnis made over on her blog that I had to make my own! She didn't do a step by step guide so I thought I'd help out by offering my own. One of the main ingredients to fabric pots is mod podge. Honestly, I had never even used it before but now mod podge is my new favorite craft supply. Seriously, this stuff is fantastic. I wasn't quite sure how well it was going to work on fabric & pots let alone used to make a fabric pot but I couldn't believe how amazing it was. So, lets get started.

Quick Update + Blog Renovation


Good Morning! I just wanted to do a quick little post to tell you that over the next week or two I'll be redesigning my blog--yay! Finally! Hansen and I are doing all of the changes ourselves, so please bare with me as I go through this process. Excuse our mess =) As always you can find us on Hansen and I's other social media platforms. 

+Free People+


free people
Recently, I had my first experience shopping at Free People.
If you haven't heard of Free People before they are a bohemian inspired brand--filled with lace, layers, and beautiful unique pieces for the boho girl.
I wanted to shop in-store before I made any purchases online simply to get a feel for their sizing before I took the online shopping plunge!
And let me just say, I'm glad I did. 

+Urban Outfitters+


Clothes are one of my major weaknesses.
They have been for pretty much my entire life.
Growing up, I was a daddy's girl. 
My father would take me shopping for our "Daddy Daughter" days and I just loved going with him to all the different stores, looking at the displays and then coming away with a pretty dress or winter coat.