Make Me Over


Make Me Over

Elizabeth and James black fragrance / Bobbi Brown Cosmetics beauty product / Bobbi Brown Cosmetics mineral make up / MAKE UP FOR EVER matte foundation / Mascara / Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush

These are just a few makeup items I've been dying to try recently! They are definitely on the Wish List to buy on my next Sephora trip!

Three Birthdays + Cameo App = Wonderful Weekend


Much like February, May is packed with birthdays. 
We celebrated THREE birthdays! My sister and brother's birthday along with Hansen's brother! 
Did I mention they all fall in the same week too? 
Needless to say, we've been busy this month. 
+++My beautiful sister turned 30 this year. 
I wish we had been able to have a 30 day countdown for her birthday--We could have a special event or activity to do each unit her birthday but atlas, we didn't think of it soon enough to plan it out. 
Instead, we decided to celebrate for 3 days! 
Friday: We had dinner & drinks 
Saturday & Sunday: We booked a campsite and kayaks and spent the good portion of the day kayaking the beautiful Duck River! 
We cozied up to a warm fire and the weather was perfect. 
We were all worried it might rain but it didn't even come close! 
It was like mother nature was wishing her a "happy birthday!"
+I decided not to take my camera because I don't have a water proof case for it yet, so I decided to capture the event through a special video. 

Camping Guidelines & Tips


Recently, Hansen and I had the opportunity to go to an introductory Backpacking class where we reviewed few of the guidelines to consider when you are out in nature! I've compiled a list to help you when you plan out your next trip.

Renaissance Festival


Hansen and I spent the weekend filled with laughs, drinks, and gigantic Turkey Legs.

The Outdoors Are Calling: What To Bring


+Hansen and I have a few camping trips planned now that Summer is well on its way and the nasty weather is hopefully behind us.
We thought we'd share a comprehensive guide to help you pack for your camping trips this year!
+While we aren't experts, we consider ourselves well versed and have backpacked quite a few times throughout the Smokey's and Middle Tennessee.
+We've encountered bears, snakes, poison ivy, mosquitoes, dangerous weather conditions etc.

The Hummingbird Craft Cocktail

Hansen here with another craft cocktail to soak up the sun in!
I've crafted a cocktail with a fresh herb and citrus taste combined with sweetness from an ice cold lemonade.
& it's Heidelberg approved. 
We decided to name it The Hummingbird. 
All made from fresh ingredients you could pick from a garden-well minus the simple syrup but that will be our secret.
So, relax and enjoy.

What's In My Bag


After Winter, I tend to do a purse detox. 
I've compiled a "What's In My Bag" blog post to share my essentials during the Spring and Summer!