A Love-Note To: Boscia MakeUp-Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil


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I have never met a makeup-remover I have loved as much as you.
Yes, you Boscia.
In the beginning, I admit, I was hesitant.
I didn't think you were everything you were cracked up to be.
Can you blame me?
In the past, I've met other makeup-removers who promised things but just couldn't get the job done.
Plus, you weren't like the other makeup-removers.
And to be honest, that frightened me.
But your preservative-free solution broke up all my makeup, dissolved my impurities, and with a light rinse washed away all the residue.
For the first time, I opened my eyes to see a blank canvas.
My skin, as sensitive as it is, felt fresh and clean.
I wouldn't have to spend the next ten minutes prodding at my eyes with dabs of makeup-remover to get rid of the traces of eyeliner and mascara clearly still visible on my face.
For the first time, I only needed to use my makeup-remover once.
For the first time, my makeup-remover did exactly what it claimed to do.

So thank you, Boscia for being so amazing.
Love you dearly. xoxo.

Old Into New: Reupholstering 101


reupholstering, chair reupholster, diy project, diy reupholster,
++Hansen found this sad, neglected and left to the side of the curb chair awhile back. I can remember him saying on the phone, "We can do something with it, it has potential!"
Well, when he brought it home I gave it a good look over and decided it wasn't in too bad of shape and it shouldn't be too difficult to bring back to life; all it needs is a little sanding, a fresh coat of color, and reupholstering!
I thought this would be the perfect DIY tutorial to show how to reupholster; reupholstering can be tough but a small project like this one is a great first project for beginners!
+So, lets get started!

Starting An Herb Garden: Seeding


Hansen and I recently took on the project of having our own herb garden. 
We've never really, fully taken on gardening.  So, in no way are we experts.  This is really just a few of the hiccups and tricks we've learned a long the way! 
In the past, we've always had cacti (which I love!). 
They are easy to take care of and they don't take a lot of grunt work. 
Plus, they are beautiful. 
Yes, I said it, I think cacti are beautiful. 
Visiting Arizona throughout my childhood really gave me an appreciation for the desert's beauty. 
Well, on to the gardening!

What's This? A Liebster Award For Hansen & Heidelberg


Today, I'm going to be writing about something a little bit different; the Liebster Award. 
I don't know if you've ever heard of it, I know I didn't until I was graciously nominated by Samantha Natalie over at her blog 
But what it is, is an award given to lesser known bloggers who are given a spotlight to circulate not only their own blogs but to nominate and circulate others as well! 
Below I've listed my nominees, questions, etc! 
Take a look at a few bloggers I think are worth checking out!