Eyelet Shift Dress + Boho Fringe Bag + Wedge Sandals


Spring is in full bloom. 
+I've packed up my winter wardrobe and unpacked my Spring wardrobe.
I stumbled upon this beautiful eyelet shift dress I purchased on a whim last year from Forever21. The wonderful thing about a shift dress is it flatters almost every single body type. 

Easter + Bike Rides + Mimosas + Gardening


It's Earth Day! 
What a better way to celebrate then to write a post about our weekend we spent outdoors!
+Hansen and I spent our Friday and Saturday exploring Tennessee's hidden trails on our bikes.
It was absolutely breathtaking this weekend, and I'm so glad it's finally warmed up enough to enjoy nature.

Stila Stay All Day 10-1 HD Illuminating Beauty Balm + Review


+Beauty Balms have been around for awhile but they only recently hit mainstream over the last couple years. Beauty Balms help to treat, hydrate, prime, protect and camouflage the skin. Beauty Balms or BB creams are formulated for all skin types, especially those with sensitive skin. They are an excellent source to moisturize and smooth dehydrated skin, prime and correct discoloration for uneven skin tones, smooth the skin, and with the addition of SPF protect your skin from the sun. 
+I've always been a huge advocate of Stila eyeshadows, so it didn't take much of a leap for me to try out their beauty balm. Let me just say, I fell in love. I've tried several other beauty balms and illuminators in the past but haven't been impressed. 

So, what did I love about it?

Cedars of Lebanon + Whiskey Kitchen


Good morning, 
+As I sit here, cozied up in my blankets, I catch myself reminiscing the weekend's highlights. 
Hansen and I took a break from technology and escaped to the outdoors.
+It can be so refreshing to feel the cool air, and the sun gleaming on your face while you experience Spring take its first breath of the season. 
+We've been counting the days for a nice weekend. The weather seems to always flip-flop. 
This past weekend was beautiful; the sun was shining, the birds and bees chirping, flowers blooming but apparently it's going to snow today. Annnnd....it rained all last night. 
Actually, I enjoy the rain; the way it feels on the skin, the different sizes and speeds it travels, and my favorite, the sounds. 
But I haven't been enjoying how much rain we've had lately. 

A Mint How To


One of my favorite staples to wear in the Spring is mint pants. I even carry them over into Summer on chilly nights. Unfortunately, they aren't the easiest thing to pair. So, I'm sharing three of my favorite mint outfits for inspiration & whatever your day holds! 
1.  Try Color Blocking & Oversized Cardigans 
with your Mint Pants

Avant Garde: Decorative Easter Eggs


+I've recently been inspired by all the innovative ways to decorate eggs.
But this year, I knew I wanted Easter eggs I could keep stored away in my decoration boxes to pull out every year. So, I decided to go "Avant Garde" and decorate my own styrofoam Easter eggs!

DIY: Pallet Planter


Hansen and I have been talking about having our own herb garden since our first place together; five apartments ago! We move a lot. 
We have been in-love with the pallet trend but didn't have anywhere in our house that fit the pallet style so we opted for a pallet planter herb garden! Whew.. that was a mouth full.
+When we finally set roots, we plan on having a garden, but for now we wanted a small herb garden we could build ourselves and transport easily. Easily being the key-word. 
+Recently, we made our very own small herb garden and wanted to share it with you! Perfect for small-living, apartment lifestyle, or if you just want something that is low-maintenance! 
Plus, I'm looking forward to not having to worry about scavenging the entire city looking for fresh basil or fresh thyme.

Rice Krispie Eggs: Easter's Hidden Surprise


+++Easter is just around the corner! You know what that means? Holiday-themed treats! 
I wasn't kidding when I said I love to make holiday-themed treats. 
These are incredibly easy to make and so, so, so affordable! 
I made these last year, and gave them out to Hansen's co-workers as a little Easter-themed treat, they were a huge success! Everyone loved opening them up to find a hidden surprise inside!