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Easter + Bike Rides + Mimosas + Gardening


It's Earth Day! 
What a better way to celebrate then to write a post about our weekend we spent outdoors!
+Hansen and I spent our Friday and Saturday exploring Tennessee's hidden trails on our bikes.
It was absolutely breathtaking this weekend, and I'm so glad it's finally warmed up enough to enjoy nature.

+We found several beautiful spots we want to picnic at this summer. 
I can't wait to pull out my picnic basket, blanket, and a bottle of wine for us to hook onto the back of my bicycle for a lovely picnic next to the lake. 
+Hansen and I got our bikes last year, from an amazing company called PureFix Cycles. 
I chose the cruiser style and since my absolute favorite color is green, I chose a mint color. 
Hansen went for the "hipster" approach and customized his wheels to his favorite color, orange. 
We've been obsessed with them ever since. 
+Doesn't Hansen look absolutely dashing? 
I might be a little bias...but I don't think so. 
Even though I was nervous I might pop a tire, it was breathtaking riding over the water. 
+Hansen took a behind-the-scenes shot while I was trying to be a "photographer"...
I was attempting to take some decent photos of all the dandelions! 
We encountered fields upon fields upon fields of dandelions. 
I don't think I've ever seen them in such mass quantities before. 
Against the sunlight, a cool breeze brushed our faces, and as we rode the skyline started to fade and the dandelions gleamed and danced in the wind. 
It's moments like these that I truly love spending with Hansen. 
Just the two of us, breathing in the refreshing cool air and laughing in the sun. 
I fall in love with him a little more every single day. 
+Easter morning, we spent with my family. 
It was filled with....
+Morning drinks
+Canadian bacon and homemade pancakes
Courtesy of Hansen's master chef skills. 
Perfection for my tummy. 
+Easter hunts around the garden
+& basking in the sun while chatting with family
+After a late brunch, Hansen and I went off to the store to start our garden! 
We went to Lowe's to figure out what we'll be planting in our DIY Palet Planter 
We made it a few weeks ago and have been dying to fill it but that weather has been preventing us from being outdoors. 
Silly fickle weather
+Everything was in full bloom, it was absolutely gorgeous. 
We got sucked in to buying a few cacti..
I don't know if "sucked" is the appropriate word, it really didn't take much arm twisting. 
We love cacti. 
Is it ironic our cacti is called a Crazy Bunny and we bought it on Easter? 
I thought it was too perfect not to pass up! 
+I couldn't resist but I had to capture my nails! 
I went with one of my favorite colors:
+Buttercup by Essie 
+Lilacism by Essie 
Sorry for their state, they are a little chipped.  
+Along with cacti, Hansen and I are obsessed with succulents. 
They had the most adorable tiny succulents for sale! 
This was the first time I've ever seen baby succulents and they were too precious not to pass up. 
Hansen had to drag me away from buying all of them. 
Trust me, I would have. 
+We ended leaving the store with a few goodies...
+A few cacti
+A variety of seeds for our herb garden: rosemary, basil, oregano, dill, cilantro, and a bazillion more 
And, I'm so excited because we decided to start a flower bed for a few veggies/fruit this year. 
This will be the first year Hansen and I will have our very own herb and veggie garden. 
In the past, we've filled our patio with flowers but we've never had anything edible before. 
I can't wait to taste our fresh watermelon, hot peppers, Roma tomatoes, radishes, and spaghetti squash! 
+And of course, we bought potting soil 
+I'll definitely be documenting the process! Hopefully, nothing dies on the journey...
+During our weekend adventures, I stumbled upon this unique and adorable package design. 
 I just loved seeing the little mule branded in the wood. 
+It's sad that as I write this, Tennessee's unpredictable weather kicks in and it has started to drizzle. 
Oh dear...
Hopefully it isn't long lived because Hansen and I plan on riding this week. 
Hope you had an amazing Easter! 
[Happy Bunny Day!]