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Stila Stay All Day 10-1 HD Illuminating Beauty Balm + Review


+Beauty Balms have been around for awhile but they only recently hit mainstream over the last couple years. Beauty Balms help to treat, hydrate, prime, protect and camouflage the skin. Beauty Balms or BB creams are formulated for all skin types, especially those with sensitive skin. They are an excellent source to moisturize and smooth dehydrated skin, prime and correct discoloration for uneven skin tones, smooth the skin, and with the addition of SPF protect your skin from the sun. 
+I've always been a huge advocate of Stila eyeshadows, so it didn't take much of a leap for me to try out their beauty balm. Let me just say, I fell in love. I've tried several other beauty balms and illuminators in the past but haven't been impressed. 

So, what did I love about it?

Well, first of all, I have extremely sensitive skin. Which means the fact that my skin hasn't broken out, and didn't react to the product is a huge plus! YAY! I'm sure all you ladies who have sensitive skin understand my enthusiasm. 
+Stila's beauty balm provides an even finish, an excellent template to build up with foundation and concealer while staying light so it isn't heavy, which means you don't feel like you are wearing a ton of makeup. The liquid formulation provides an excellent source of moisture and is ideal for dry or combination skin types.You can wear it underneath your makeup, or all by itself!
++The product was definitely worth it's weight in gold, at 1.3 oz you get your money's worth. 
Also, it does exactly what it is intended to do; gives your skin a youthful glow & an added plus evens out your complexion. Plus, I love a product that doesn't skimp on product! Stila gets bonus points for giving me SPF 30! In terms of longevity, it lasted all day but I still needed touch-ups throughout the day which leads me to....
What about a few things I wasn't hot about? 
The balm only has mild coverage, while it does provide coverage for discoloration, for breakouts it wouldn't be ideal. But like I mentioned before it has build-ability (excellent trait). I'm not convinced about its "stay-all-day" boast but not very many products are. 
+Break Down of the Pros & Cons+
+SPF 30 
+Highlights & illuminates the skin to give a natural youthful glow
+Bang for the buck 
+Provides moisture and evens skin tone 
+Works for all skin types and sensitive skin
+Mild Coverage 
+Needs touch-ups throughout the day
Overall, I think it's a great product to have in your collection! 

[[What's your favorite Beauty Balm?]]