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DIY: Beer Carton Coasters


diy beer carton coasters, men's gifts, diy gifts
Hey everyone, Hansen here! Heidelberg will tell you that I very much enjoy trying new things, especially when it comes to food and drink. Recently, I was enjoying a very tasty brew when as I set the bottle down on the coffee table, was met with a look of utter horror. I forgot the coaster. Now, it should be said that I understand and agree with the importance of coasters -- they protect the wonderful wood finish of the furniture we like, as well as make great decorative pieces. The issue is that we currently don't own any coasters (save the handful of paperboard ones I've acquired from local brewhouses, but even those are becoming worn and tattered). As I finished that delicious, hoppy libation and reached in the refrigerator for another, I quickly took note of the cardboard carton these craft beers were being held in. I had read an article on the inter-webs about turning the wonderful artwork displayed on the 6-pack's sides into some really cool beer carton coasters. The best part, it costs less than the beer to make! 

 So we're going to need to following (this makes 4 coasters):
diy beer carton coasters, men's gifts, diy gifts
+ (4) 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" White Square Tiles 
+Mod Podge
+Sponge Applicators 
+(2) Cardboard 6-pack Carriers (of your choosing)
+Clear sealer
+Razor Cutter/ Exacto Knife

Step 1:
We need to get the 6-pack artwork into a usable form. You get two beer carton coaster faces from each carrier (one from each of the large sides.)  We cut the large faces off the carrier, removed the dividers from the inside, and presto, we have the artwork for our beer carton coasters (in raw form).
diy beer carton coasters, men's gifts, diy gifts
Step 2:  
We tried to figure out what part of the artwork we wanted on the coasters, traced a tile (on the back), and cut out those squares. We then applied Mod Podge to the tile, and placed the cardboard artwork squares on to the surface, effectively pasting the squares onto the tiles. (Tip: apply a thin layer, too much causes wrinkles).  Once you do this, it needs to sit for a minute. We laid a heavy board across the faces of the soon-to-be beer carton coasters and stacked books on top -- this keeps the cardboard in contact with the tile so it dries flat, and keeps the corners from curling.  Let it dry for 15 or so minutes, then it should be ready to handle for the next part.
diy beer carton coasters, men's gifts, diy gifts
Step 3:
We had some cardboard edges that hung over the sides of the tile and I wanted them completely flush, so we laid them face down on a cutting surface and precision trimmed the edges using a razor blade cutter.
diy beer carton coasters, men's gifts, diy gifts
Step 4:
We needed to create a covering for the cardboard so it didn't get destroyed by use.  To do this, we applied 2 coats of  Mod Podge over the top (and sides) of the coasters. This sealed up the cardboard with a hard shell. Then, we coated them with Indoor/Outdoor Spar Urethane. We did this because even the dried Mod Podge was slightly tacky. The clear coat gave more protection, and got rid of the tacky feeling. You can use acrylic sealer, epoxy, polyurethane; just about any waterproofing coating to finish it off. You may be tempted to just apply the waterproof sealer directly to the surface of the cardboard pieces without applying the layers of Mod Podge first--don't do this. It will ruin the cardboard. This final clear-coat will need to cure if you use poly or spar urethane, usually for about 24 hours.
diy beer carton coasters, men's gifts, diy giftsStep 5:
Apply felt to the coasters.  While the beer carton coasters protect the table from water stains, the felt protects the table from scratches. Cut your felt to fit the bottom of the tiles. Now, apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to the bottom of the tile, and then gently rub the felt onto the bottom.
diy beer carton coasters, men's gifts, diy gifts
You have completed these fantastic beer carton coasters!  Now- pop open a brew, play some cards, and use them! I've pretty much realized now that over time, the collection of coasters will steadily increase until I have enough to tile an entire backsplash or counter... which might look pretty cool in the basement bar, or for resurfacing those old pub tables you found at that garage sale... just thinking out loud!
diy beer carton coasters, men's gifts, diy gifts
When you make your own DIY: Beer Carton Coasters, take a photo, post it on IG with #HansenandHeidelberg so we can see how yours turned out!  Do you have any tips from your own crafting for this project? What about other ideas to make some cool DIY graphic coasters? Let us know in the comments below!

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