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Recently, I had my first experience shopping at Free People.
If you haven't heard of Free People before they are a bohemian inspired brand--filled with lace, layers, and beautiful unique pieces for the boho girl.
I wanted to shop in-store before I made any purchases online simply to get a feel for their sizing before I took the online shopping plunge!
And let me just say, I'm glad I did. 
I was a little disappointed with their in-store selection--Their online selection is so much more well-versed and they offer XXS and XS more prevalently online versus in-store.
Before going to Free People I had been stalking their website and reading the reviews.
I noticed a large portion of reviews said their clothing is oversized--and not just oversized--but extremely oversized. So much in fact, women suggested you go down one-two sizes.
Well, I didn't really believe it until I went myself--now little disclaimer, I'm on the smaller side.
So, I was expecting things to be a little oversized on me already (which isn't a big deal, oversized is in).
free people
But I was shocked to see that a huge portion of the clothes were swimming on me.
A girl in the dressing room with me asked one of the ladies who worked there why the medium she put on was falling off of her--The associate responded with, "Well, it's easier for people to hem clothes, so they just make the clothing larger because it's easier that way..."
I couldn't help but think, so I'm paying $60.00 for a shirt only to get it hemmed?
Hmmmm.... I think this is something Free People should think about.
At least the very least offer more smaller sizes if you are going to go the bigger route 
Sadly this meant some pieces just looked a little ridiculous on me.
But, I did get to steal away with a couple items I'm in love with!
free people
+Outlined High Low Cami in Snow: This shirt is quite a bit more oversized on me than it is on the model but it lays very well and I'm very happy with the strap length! Usually, when I find an oversized tank the length of the straps is ridiculous--the straps on this top fit perfectly!
+We The Free Silo Tank in Dark Taupe: This top was a little strange when I tried it on. The spilt part falls in an odd spot (a lot higher than it appears in the picture), but when I tried on the small the spilt was further down. So, I ended up going with the small--I've worn it several times and I absolutely love it with my maxi skirt! 
+Melrose Swing Tee in Black: To be honest, when I first picked up this 'tee', I thought it was a dress.
It wasn't until I was checking out and the associate helping me said she had this t-shirt in like four other colors--I confirmed online and it is a tee. My bad....
But, I think I'll be able to pass it off as a dress & wear it as a shirt with leggings (it's a bit too long to pull it off with jeans I think...)
Yes, it's that oversized. Did I mention I am dying to have this in the color Stone?
This was definitely my favorite purchase from Free People! 
+Intimately Strappy Back Bra in Black: The strappy bras are all the rage right now--and being an avid bralette fan I couldn't help but try it on! I fell in love and the price wasn't bad either at $20.00

In future, I'll definitely be ordering online versus in-store! But overall, I really do love the style of Free People's clothes! Even though they are definitely oversized, it helps they offer free exchanges on even items! Plus, they offer XS and XXS online-so I'll be hitting their website the next time I shop at Free People. 
[[What have been some of your experiences at Free People? Yay or Nay?]]
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