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Clothes are one of my major weaknesses.
They have been for pretty much my entire life.
Growing up, I was a daddy's girl. 
My father would take me shopping for our "Daddy Daughter" days and I just loved going with him to all the different stores, looking at the displays and then coming away with a pretty dress or winter coat.
That love for shopping transitioned into high school, college, and now is still carrying over into my adult life. But now that I'm done growing, I'm on the hunt for pieces to build a wardrobe rather than just wear whatever is "fashionable" for that moment. I'm really trying to discover what my true sense of style is--and build a wardrobe that will grow with me as I get older.
+So, here are a few of the pieces I picked up recently from Urban Outfitters and a few of my ramblings about them!

+Anytime I'm shopping I tend to drift toward a very specific color pallet. You can even ask Hansen, when it comes to clothes, I buy a variety of different colors but realistically they all fall under the generally same color pallet. Much like this gorgeous Side-Slit tee in the color Mauve. I fell in love with the color and just knew the moment I saw it I had to have it-thankfully, they had my size.
Unfortunately, it isn't being sold in this color online anymore. Now, I don't know if they plan on bringing it back, I sure hope they do because I'll definitely be on the hunt for more pieces in this color! Silence + Noise is also one of the labels from Urban Outfitters that I generally buy from-their pieces are consistent in quality, I adore their colors, and are very reasonably priced. 
+I just recently started paying attention to the Kimchi Blue label and wasn't quite sure I would like this soft + swingy top with a scoop neck and sheer crochet detailing in the back (not to mention online it makes it look very see-through but let me reassure you, it isn't this sheer by any means). When this wonderful tee came in I knew it would be a great staple to build my wardrobe. Plus, I'm a big fan sneak-peak back and crochet details! 
+I fell in love with this black tee dress when I first saw it hanging on the hanger! It's cool enough for summer but can easily be paired with a pair of tights and a light jacket for the fall.
Hansen convinced me to buy this cardigan and he hasn't stopped mentioning how well he did since!
Not that, that is a bad thing. I'm actually quite proud of him =)
I really didn't think I would like it, but honestly, I absolutely love it and I know it's going to be a huge staple piece in my closet! I'll definitely be looking for more pieces by Ecote in the future. 

A Little Note On My Recent Shopping Experiences: Really to no surprise, majority of clothes I've come across are coming in an "oversized" style which isn't necessarily a bad thing as a long as it isn't overdone (I'll be talking about this in an upcoming post!) I say that because there is a lot of smaller people out there who appreciate and love the trend but if it gets carried away, we won't get to indulge in the trend without having to have them hemmed--Which can be very costly. Also, having to hem an oversized tee seems to take away the "flowyness" of it... I mean, I can understand a fitted dress, button-up blouse, skirt, etc. but an oversized t-shirt? No thank you.

[[What are you wearing & loving this season?]]