Part II: Birthday Celebrations


Sunday, my mister celebrated his birthday! 
+He has never been one for extravagant birthdays or huge celebrations, so we seized the opportunity to have a little get-together to commemorate! 
+My mister chose he wanted a late lunch, bowling, and of course, games! The birthday boy chose BBQ at Jim N' Nicks! I can't even think of the last time we had BBQ to be honest. At the very least it has been over a year! 

Part I: Birthday Party Celebrations


Over the weekend, my mister and I ventured up to Tennessee. 
We celebrated with friends, reconnected with old ones, and reunited with family.
One of the main events was my nieces' Princess themed birthday party! 
She invited the young princesses & knights to join her in a royal celebration. 

Pop-fetti Balloons: The Birthday Box DIY


February is literally birthday month for us (not to mention Valentine's Day).
And believe it or not they all fall within the same week! Talk about a lot of birthdays all at once. Which can definitely be costly & add up quickly! 

+I think it is really important to ensure everyone feels special during their birthday; no matter how old they are!

+This year because Hansen and I are not in the same state as our family, I thought I would send my niece a special Birthday Box!

+She is going to receive a large cardboard box & a birthday card with a pin taped on the inside. How exciting, right???

Into The Stars


Last year, my mister & I hopped into the car & drove for miles upon miles to find the perfect stargazing spot  to watch the Draconid Meteor Shower...

Eventually we came to an open field, where the field was lit with the light of the stars & moon.
We packed blankets and pillows to topple onto the roof of our car and snuggle up beneath the stars.
It was breathtaking..
So breathtaking in fact, I have been picturing the constellations in my mind over & over..

Valentine's Day Inspired Cocktail: Not Enough Thyme


Hansen here:

Heidelberg and I like to explore, try new things, and overall just get out of our comfort zones from time to time.  On our last excursion, we ventured into the world of craft cocktails.  Before we get ahead of ourselves, let me explain a little about us and our choice of beverages.

Valentine's Day Nails [For Every Type of Girl]


+With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I've come up with five nail polish looks that are easy, fast, and perfect for the upcoming holiday!

Be Mine: Valentine's Day Cheesecake Hearts


I'm not sure why, but when a Holiday is around the corner, I feel the sudden urge to make Holiday themed treats!

A Night On The Town


+++When I found the Topshop dress above, I instantly fell in love. I just adore this season's skater trend! Not to mention, it is timeless. What we call "Skater"can be seen throughout Fashion History. Plus, the trend is flattering on almost every single figure, which is hardly ever the case.