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Part I: Birthday Party Celebrations


Over the weekend, my mister and I ventured up to Tennessee. 
We celebrated with friends, reconnected with old ones, and reunited with family.
One of the main events was my nieces' Princess themed birthday party! 
She invited the young princesses & knights to join her in a royal celebration. 

It turned out quite spectacular! 
Hansen & I's role was rather small in the planning and execution of the party, but we brought some treats, & helped my sister set up everything. 
I couldn't help but be impressed by my sister's design and the fact that she made everything herself! 
Left to Right: Cupcake Ice Cream Cones, Pink Marshmallows, Heart-Shaped Sugar Cookies, Rice Krispy Flower Wands, Cupcakes, Miniature Sandwiches, Chocolates & Strawberries, and Eclairs 
+I think my absolute favorite was her Cupcake Ice Cream Cones! How adorable are these? 
I absolutely love the pearl details! They just make the entire thing come together! 
+If you couldn't tell, Hansen's favorite was the the Photo-Booth! 
+Not a bad choice at all, if you ask me. 
Much to the excitement of every single young lady at the party, a real-life Princess came to the Party to wish the birthday girl, a very special Happy Birthday! Princess Anatasia came from a very far  away kingdom to attend her birthday party! [I have to say, it was by far the cutest things to see the mouths drop with "awe" when Princess Anastasia walked in]
All the kiddos had the choice to design their own Shield or Lace Crown to take home with them! 
 Growing up, my birthday celebrations consisted of ice-skating rinks, ceramic paintings, pool parties, and sleepovers. I don't remember attending or having a birthday that spent time on all the little details, like they do now & I have to say, I'm hooked!--thank you Pinterest! It was a great way to celebrate my nieces' 6th birthday!