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A Night On The Town


+++When I found the Topshop dress above, I instantly fell in love. I just adore this season's skater trend! Not to mention, it is timeless. What we call "Skater"can be seen throughout Fashion History. Plus, the trend is flattering on almost every single figure, which is hardly ever the case. 
For a long time, I really didn't see the appeal in the box clutches, especially for the price.  Well, that was until I saw this one by Rebecca Minkoff. It is definitely on the pricey side, but I think since it is one of those clutches you only bring out for special occasions, it could be well worth it. I might be able to convince myself it is worth the $399+ or maybe I'll find a more practical and realistic one hereI'd also like to point out, on my quest to find a cheaper alternative I came across several clutches that looked beautiful on Ebay! 

Since it has been so cold recently, I have been pairing dresses with black patterned tights. I think it adds femininity and texture without looking like you popped out of an 80s film. 
[Tell me how you are staying warm but still dressing up in the comments below]