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Valentine's Day Nails [For Every Type of Girl]


+With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I've come up with five nail polish looks that are easy, fast, and perfect for the upcoming holiday!
+1. The Anti-Ombre 

+Even though I love nail polish just as much as the next girl, typically, I don't buy shades of every single color (making it difficult to create the Ombre effect). Now, I have seen some gorgeous alternatives to the Ombre designs such as this one. Unfortunately, I haven't mastered the technique yet. Not to mention, when I do my nails I prefer simple but thoughtful. I chose to do a playful take on the Ombre effect by using a variety of shades of pink instead of hues of pink which is what you would normally see in a typical Ombre look.
Nail Polish: [Left To Right]: Fiji, Tarte Deco, Off The Shoulder, Peach Daiquiri, Fishnet Stockings] 

+2, 3, 4. The Rebel

While I'm sure that I'm not the first girl to ever do this, these next couple designs are my "Trademark" because this style is my go-to. Whenever I do my nails I always have one nail (my ring finger) painted a different color. I think it adds a different dimension; not far off from wearing rings. My nails feel bare and incomplete when I don't add a rebellious color to my ring finger. Call me silly, but it's just how I roll.

+For a feminine inspired look, go for a lighter hue and a brighter complementary color of the same shade. It will give a soft but girly tone.
Nail Polish: Fiji: [Ring Finger] Off The Shoulder 
+I think this is perfect for any girl who wants her nails to appear feminine, but romantic; ideal with a sundress or lace!

+If you want something more playful and fun; maybe a night with the girls or a date at the State Fair this would be my choice for Valentine's Day!! I chose to use bright vibrant colors that pop. Anytime you use a bright color that falls in the tropical category, it adds a flirty component to the look. 
Nail Polish: Peach Daiquiri: [Ring Finger] Off The Shoulder 

+I fell in love with this color combination; it reminds me of an independent woman. Ideal for work or an elegant night on Valentine's Day [or really any day of the week].
Nail Polish: Fishnet Stockings [Ring Finger]: Trade Winds
+I wanted my nails to be subtle for this look, nothing too bright or on the edge but for there to be a deep color. Adding the nude enhances the depth of the red; drawing your eyes immediately to the nails.

+5. A Cut Above The French

What girl doesn't love a French Manicure? But not every one has the means to get one, I know I definitely don't. So, I came up with this incredibly easy, French Manicure inspired Valentine's Day look.

Nail Polish: Fishnet Stockings [Trim]: A Cut Above 
+To achieve the trim simply paint your nails with a few layers of Fishnet Stockings, once they have dried, carefully paint the tips with A Cut Above  (I would make sure my nail polish brush had lots of the larger sparkles. Then I would keep adding a layer of nail polish until I reached the desire look).
+I hope you enjoyed these Valentine's Day nail looks! Have an Amazing Valentine's Day whether it's out with friends or with your special someone!
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