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Cedars of Lebanon + Whiskey Kitchen


Good morning, 
+As I sit here, cozied up in my blankets, I catch myself reminiscing the weekend's highlights. 
Hansen and I took a break from technology and escaped to the outdoors.
+It can be so refreshing to feel the cool air, and the sun gleaming on your face while you experience Spring take its first breath of the season. 
+We've been counting the days for a nice weekend. The weather seems to always flip-flop. 
This past weekend was beautiful; the sun was shining, the birds and bees chirping, flowers blooming but apparently it's going to snow today. Annnnd....it rained all last night. 
Actually, I enjoy the rain; the way it feels on the skin, the different sizes and speeds it travels, and my favorite, the sounds. 
But I haven't been enjoying how much rain we've had lately. 

+So, Hansen and I took full advantage of nature this weekend. We traveled up to the Cedars of Lebanon.
I can't wait to camp there! 
Usually, we hike a few trails before camping, it helps us map out the trails we want to explore when we come up to camp. 
Hansen and I had passed Cedars of Lebanon numerous times before but I didn't realize how beautiful it was until we drove a few miles in and hoped on one of the trails. 
We saw so many beautiful and amazing things this trip!
+Birds, birds, and more birds! 
Hansen and I need binoculars.
A Black Racer to be specific. Yep, I haven't seen a snake while hiking in awhile. 
And this guy was brave. 
Hansen almost gave me a heart attack trying to capture pictures! 
My grandma is part of the Mounted Patrol for the Saguaro National park in Tucson-so along with the many adventures I've been on with her, I have learned a lot and one of the most important things I learned is to respect the animals you encounter. 
I love Bumblebees. I don't know if it's their name or how quirky their bodies are, one of my goals is to capture the perfect picture of a BumbleBee; perched on a fully bloomed flower.
(not a bee, a Bumblebee)
+The sound of water 
+Exorbitant amount of lizards. 
Usually, we'll see three or four, but seriously, every turn we made, we would see a flash of a blue tail dash its way into a bush or up a tree. 
+One of the Middle Earth paths 
I swear, Hansen and I stumbled upon a path where we both felt transported to Middle Earth. 
Yep, just had a nerd moment. 
I love to take pictures of flowers;
one of my personal favorites is the Indian Paintbrush, they are scattered all over Colorado. 
We talked, laughed, sweat, and listened. 
+After, we drove down to Murfreesboro, we played a few rounds of Disc Golf (one of Hansen's favorite activities), and then went on another hike! 
We didn't see any creatures except the occasional squirrel. 
+We also spent the weekend reacquainting ourselves with Nashville and all the new shops. I swear, every time we are up there, we find somewhere new to fall in love with. 
Speaking of falling in love, I fell in love with our lunch spot, the Whiskey Kitchen. 
+Whiskey Kitchen is situated in downtime Nashville near the Gulch. An awesome hub to stop by for lunch or dinner. The grain of the dark woods and metals, mixed with a trendy Nashville vibe, is ideal for a lunch or night out with friends. 
I consumed their WK Hot chicken with mac-n-cheese, and green beans. 
It was heaven. I wish I had leftovers--but sadly, I ate those already. 
To be honest, I consider myself a connoisseur of mac-n-cheese. 
I know, funny thing to be an expert of
But, I am. And it is one of the best mac-n-cheeses I've ever had. 
+Hansen tried one of their craft drinks called "The Existentialist".
His taste buds definitely preferred it over mine.
It was a light and refreshing cocktail; perfect for warm days.
Fair warning, it isn't for those of you who prefer sweeter drinks.  
+If you are ever in the Nashville vicinity, make sure to drop by for a "heaven in your mouth" experience. 
+Also, we made sure to fill up our bike tires. Which means, lots of riding to come! I can't wait to ride our bikes through the greenway and any other trails we find a long the way! 
+Sadly, the rest of the week is suppose to rain, so bike riding might have to wait for a bit. 
For now, I'll just daydream about sunny weather while cozied up in my mister playing Assassin's Creed.