Three Birthdays + Cameo App = Wonderful Weekend | Hansen & Heidelberg : Three Birthdays + Cameo App = Wonderful Weekend

Three Birthdays + Cameo App = Wonderful Weekend


Much like February, May is packed with birthdays. 
We celebrated THREE birthdays! My sister and brother's birthday along with Hansen's brother! 
Did I mention they all fall in the same week too? 
Needless to say, we've been busy this month. 
+++My beautiful sister turned 30 this year. 
I wish we had been able to have a 30 day countdown for her birthday--We could have a special event or activity to do each unit her birthday but atlas, we didn't think of it soon enough to plan it out. 
Instead, we decided to celebrate for 3 days! 
Friday: We had dinner & drinks 
Saturday & Sunday: We booked a campsite and kayaks and spent the good portion of the day kayaking the beautiful Duck River! 
We cozied up to a warm fire and the weather was perfect. 
We were all worried it might rain but it didn't even come close! 
It was like mother nature was wishing her a "happy birthday!"
+I decided not to take my camera because I don't have a water proof case for it yet, so I decided to capture the event through a special video. 

+Seriously, I'm in love with this Cameo app. 
It is amazing! If you want short compilation videos this is the app to choose. Not only can you add music to your clips but you can choose when to have the sound for your clips or when not to. And where would an app be without filters? It comes with a generous amount of filters and music to choose from! 
The only thing I'm not a fan of is it is near impossible (I still haven't figured it out) to shoot with someone. They allow the feature but every time I try to do it, it can't find the person I want to shoot with or connect to my Facebook. Hopefully they fix that bug soon! Other than that, it's literally one of my favorite apps I have! 

+Hansen and I started our garden a few weeks ago, and we are starting to see little seedlings pop up!
I'm so excited to share our gardening experience! Once they are done seeding we will transfer them over and I'll share our tips and tricks! I can't wait to fill our DIY Pallet Planter, it's going to look amazing full of fresh herbs. And I can't wait to use all those fresh herbs in our craft cocktails this summer! Yumm! 
Hansen and I also have a few projects in the working that we can't wait to share! 
+++This summer is already on its way to being positively wonderful!