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The Hummingbird Craft Cocktail


Hansen here with another craft cocktail to soak up the sun in!
I've crafted a cocktail with a fresh herb and citrus taste combined with sweetness from an ice cold lemonade.
& it's Heidelberg approved. 
We decided to name it The Hummingbird. 
All made from fresh ingredients you could pick from a garden-well minus the simple syrup but that will be our secret.
So, relax and enjoy.

The Hummingbird Craft Cocktail Recipe

What You'll Need
+ 6 Lemons
+Basil (30 leaves) 
+Blackberries (1 carton) 
+Simple Syrup [see instructions here]
+Gin (We used Hendrick's) 
+Club Soda
+Heidelberg and I have been collecting unique and well packaged liquor bottles for a little while now.
We both instantly were drawn to the Hendrick's Gin-the gin that no other gin tastes like because no other gin is made like it. 
Hendrick's Gin is an infusion of cucumber and Bulgarian roses.
The taste is unlike any other.
++We think it is going to look great on the bar we are designing next to the other bottles we've collected so far; Rekya Vodka, Effen Vodka, Kraken and a few more! 
Instructions + Serves: 5-6 glasses
Step 1 Making The Lemonade Base: 
+Squeeze 6 lemons into a pitcher
+Add 1 cup of Simple Syrup (add more/less dependent on taste preferences)
+3-4 cups of water
+Put in fridge to cool
Step 2 Assembling The Drink 
+In a glass, add 5-6 leaves of Basil and 4-5 Blackberries
+Add 1.5 ounces of Gin
Step 3 The Hummingbird 
+Add ice
+Pour equal parts of the cooled Lemonade Base and Club Soda
+Drink up!
[[What's your favorite craft cocktail/adult beverage to soak up in the sun?]]