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Pirate Pounder | Craft Cocktail Recipe


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Hey guys, Hansen here!

I am a big fan of rum. Yes, that firewater distilled from fermented cane juices, aged in oak barrels, and drank by sailors and pirates alike. My personal draw to rum (particularly the dark, aged, and spiced varieties) actually has nothing to do with pirates, corsairs, or privateers. I am drawn to the distinct and unique flavor it has- sweet and spicy, and it's not too alcohol-y that it tastes like gasoline. Rum is readily intermingled with various fruits and flavors into a rustic and adventurous beverage to be enjoyed by those of adventurous and risky nature, as well as those who write blogs and live in urban areas. A great example is the Pirate Pounder, which I have devilishly conspired with Heidelberg to create for your responsible enjoyment. This drink follows the same basic principles as our previous cocktails (i.e. muddle, mingle, and shake) as well as uses a couple of the same ingredients so you won't have to get as many things from the store (big plus!). Lets get on with it!


+Club Soda
+1 shot of Simple Syrup [click here for instructions to make]
+1- Ginger Root
+1- Orange
+4 twigs of Rosemary
+2 shots of Rum (Preferably the spiced variety. We chose Kraken rum for this drink.)
craft cocktail recipes, recipes, adult beverages

Prepping for the Pirate Pounder:

Go ahead and get your ingredients prepped. You'll need to chop up your ginger into fine little pieces, get your orange sliced to whatever size is best for squeezing for you (I cut into halves), and pull some thin twigs of rosemary (you know, the small branches that aren't too woody, with lots of little leaves) from your rosemary bush or from the box you bought at the grocery store.  

Building your Beverage:

In the shaker, pour TWO shots of rum into the shaker. Toss in a large, 3-fingered pinch of ginger (I always cut up extra, just in case), and add 2-3 twigs of rosemary. Muddle the ingredients. Once you've muddled for about 30 seconds or so, squeeze the juice of half an orange, add 1/2 - 1 shot of simple syrup, and half a shaker of ice. Shake your concoction until you feel it getting frosty, about 15-20 seconds of vigorous shaking (Give No Quarter!).

Finishing the Pirate Pounder:

In a large glass (or standard Mason Jar), strain shaker contents over ice, top off with club soda, stir, and garnish with a twig of rosemary and a twist of orange for a flair for the guests.

+Now that yer Pirate Pounder is complete, and ye are well learnt in the crafting of such a fine grog, call yer lads and ladies, splice the main brace, and be merry!  Remember to enjoy responsibly as this drink is sneaky- don't get too squiffy or loaded to the gun walls!

++ Seriously though, enjoy and let us know how you liked it in the comments below! Over the next few months I'll be trying my take on some of the best drinks I have had, building some basic craft recipes, as well as some tips for starting your home bar! Stay tuned and keep hanging with Hansen and Heidelberg!

Do you have a favorite rum drink that you make? Have you made your own Pirate Pounder at home? Post a photo of it on Instagram, Twitter, etc. with
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