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His Birchbox: Birchbox Man Monday


Birchbox Man, Birchbox, July Birchbox
Hey guys, Hansen here-

Happy Monday! I've been told that I'm overly optimistic for it being a Monday. I feel like it is important to start off the day (and the week) on the right foot, or you won't be able to effectively get over that mid-week hump, and are left feeling like a sad panda on Thursday (just go with me, here). My Monday morning ritual of shower, shave, and prep has been boosted recently with my recent subscription to Birchbox Man. If you are unfamiliar with Birchbox, it's a monthly subscription box where you get samples and swag of things you most likely want to buy but don't want to dish out the bucks just to try it.  My first Birchbox came in the mail a couple weeks ago and I was pretty excited about the samples I received-- Lets dig in and talk shop on what came in the July Birchbox:

What's in His Birchbox?

Birchbox Man, Birchbox, July Birchbox

+ Number 4 | Hydrating Shampoo
Originally, I listed in my Birchbox profile that I didn't really care to receive any type of haircare product.  After receiving this shampoo (and the conditioner we'll read about next),  I quickly changed that.  This shampoo has a great clean, masculine (but not too much) smell and left my hair feeling refreshed and ready for styling.  The sample was large enough that I've gotten 5 uses out of it and still have a couple left.  Given that I don't have a lot of hair, I would say my "per-use" amount is generous and allows for some serious lathering.

+Number 4 | Hydrating Conditioner
I don't use conditioner. It really is that simple. Heidelberg says I should take care of my wavy locks, but I just never saw the point... until I used this conditioner.  This conditioner gave great moisture to my hair so that once my hair dried, it didn't feel rough. Additionally, after using this conditioner I didn't have my usual after-shower afro when my hair dried.  The last benefit I enjoyed that was provided by using a conditioner was how much easier it was to use styling product and get the style I am going for.  Seriously guys, use conditioner.  Number 4 products would be good ones to step up your routine.

+Proraso | Classic Shave Cream
I've literally used every type of shaving lotion, tallow, or gel on the market... You name it, I've given it a shot. If you've ever used the shave lotion from Harry's and loved it, you'll love the Proraso Shave Cream even more. This shave lotion has a slight tingling, cooling sensation as you lather it on, and it gives off a very awakening aroma. Proraso holds well to the face when you shave as we'll, which is great if you have sensitive skin or hate that dragging feeling when you have to go back over a spot.

+Coola | Radical Recovery After-Sun Lotion
As you might have guessed, this is an after-sun lotion.  I used the Coola After-Sun Lotion after spending the day at the pool with Heidelberg.  My face took a beating, so I figured what better time to test out the "Name Claim" of radical recovery.  Not only did my face not peel, the burn went away faster than expected.  It also kept my face from feeling dried out like you would normally feel when you get back from a long day at the pool.

+PLANT | Face Oil
Fun Fact: using face oils when you have oily skin ( I do) actually REDUCES the amount of oil your skin produces.  PLANT offers different types of face oils for different types of skin. I received the "OA" type, which is a combination type oil for people who fit right in between oily and dry. I love the smell, which is kind of woody and musky, but not overwhelming. The OA face oil left my face feeling warm and manly.

+Bread & Boxer | Boxer Briefs
They fit like the nice sport trunks, and are extra soft. Not much else to say about them, I enjoy them, but not overly wowed.

Birchbox has really opened me up to some new products, and helped me step up my grooming game-- If you are considering subscribing to Birchbox, follow this link to sign up!

Have you used any of these products? Have you found any products that are similar to these that others should try out? Let me know in the comments below! You can also see how Heidelberg's first Birchbox came out by clicking here!