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Her Birchbox: Birchbox Wednesday


Birchbox, Women's Birchbox. July Birchbox
Hansen and I decided to jump on the Birchbox bandwagon.
So far, I've been captivated by Hansen's boxes, seriously they are wonderful.
Just wait, you'll see!
The Women's Birchbox hasn't completely swayed me just yet, you'll see why when you see my very first Birchbox but I still have high hopes that my boxes will get better as we go. I noticed that a lot of first time Birchboxers (err..is that even a word? Well, I'm coining it now!) had pretty much the exact same box as me. So, I'm guessing they have a standard box each month they send out to newbie Birchboxers. What a shame. 
Anyways! Hansen and I thought it would be fun to do a series of the Birchbox products we get as well as share our thoughts. Each month I'll share my Birchbox on a Wednesday of the month while he'll share his Birchbox box on a Monday of the month. Maybe we will even disclose any tips and tricks we encounter along the way to make our Birchbox stocked with better goodies!
So, if you're curious to see what was inside my box, follow along! 

What's In Her Birchbox? 

Birchbox, Women's Birchbox. July Birchbox

+Cynthia Rowley Beauty | Silver Eyeliner (BB Exclusive) 
I was definitely excited to get my hands on the Cynthia Rowley Eyeliner, maybe not so much in silver but hey, I'll try anything once! Plus, I think this will be great eyeliner for date nights, out with friends, or just for night time looks. The product promises long-lasting wear and a smooth application and it doesn't disappoint.
I have incredibly oily lids and I didn't have any issues--Yay! No raccoon eyes for me!
+Harvey Prince | Hello Body Creme 
First of all, I love the scent. It has a light citrus-floral scent and leaves me silky-smooth! I love carrying this product around in my pursue for a quick skin hydration! The price point isn't bad at all-the full size is only $22 which is nothing to complain about.
+Number 4 | Super Comb Prep & Protect 
I'm neither super hyped about this product or gravely disappointed with it either. The only complaint I would have about this product is the smell-even though the product works well for combing out your wet hair I didn't see much of a difference in strengthening or nourishing my hair. I would rather go for one of my staples that has a better smell than spend $32 dollars on a product I'm not in love with.
+Supergoop! | Daily Correct CC Cream SPF 35+ 
I was shocked by how much hype this product had on Birchbox! I was not happy with this product in the slightest. Boo. Normally, I'm a pretty avid BB/CC cream lover (check out one of my favorites here) but this product coincidentally felt like goop on my face. The product was heavy, sticky, and even though it boasts to change to your specific shade, it definitely didn't do that for me.
+SmartyPants | All-on-One Gummy Vitamins for Adults 
First of all, let me just say this, I am not a fan of chewable vitamins. Nope. Not one single bit. No thanks. So, it wasn't a big surprise I was disappointed to get vitamins in my Birchbox. Especially after I said I didn't want any snacks of any kind but hey--they aren't going to listen to me entirely. So, I cheated a little and gave them to Hansen to try. He said they tasted really good (which isn't surprising because they are all sugar!) But this product wasn't too relevant for us because we have our own multi-vitamins and pills we take and love!

So, what am I planning on buying in future from Birchbox for this month?
+Cynthia Rowley Beauty Eyeliner (Black & Brown)
+Harvey Prince Hello Body Creme

Compared to most Birchboxs currently trending on Instagram I've definitely seen better but hey, it's just a start--plus I tweaked a few things on my profile to see if that will make a difference, if not Hansen and I have talked about just buying two so I get a better assortment of things! Are you subscribed to Birchbox? What are your thoughts? Do you have any tips and tricks to get the best box? Tell us about them in the comments below!
& if you want to try it out for your self and make my day click here!