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His Birchbox: Birchbox Man Monday #2


Birchbox Man
Another month has come and gone, and with that, I have found new things that are necessary for keeping me feeling like a gentleman. I of course am speaking of the August Birchbox Man box that came in the mail early in the month! Let's get down to the brass tacks:
This box was themed "Summer Camp". The rugged smells and feel of the products in this box fit my personality perfectly. Indeed, I plan on purchasing full-size options of 90% of what came in this box!

What's In My Birchbox Man? 

Birchbox Man, Ursa Major, Grover, English Laundry, Beard Buddy, Dr. Squatch

+Beard Buddy - Beard Oil

This beard oil left my light stubble feeling soft and smooth. Along with adding a warm, woody scent, it gave some clean moisture to my skin, which has helped lower the amount of oil my skin produces. Postive marks for the product, and they make some other great products; check out their site here!

+Dr. Squatch - Pine Tar Soap Bar

I really enjoy black soaps - they are a great clarifying cleanser and help a lot with reducing oil, redness, and any type of blemish. Dr. Squatch makes many varieties and scents of their soap, but the Pine Tar is a fantastic exfoliating soap with a pine scent and oatmeal. Be careful not to rub too hard, you'll give yourself raw spots with how rough the soap is- so try to use it only when you need a really good clean (like after camping for 3 days). Check them out on their website for other scents and products!

+English Laundry - Hair Pomade

4 years ago I purchased a suit from English Laundry. When I received this hair pomade, it made complete sense that they would produce a clean, sharp product. The pomade has great hold without leaving a stiff feeling or looking slicked back - it is the perfect marriage of hold and shine to keep the hipster hair swoop in perfect form.

+Ursa Major - Fantastic Face Wash

All you need to know about this company can be learned from reading the packaging on the bottle - all natural, premium oils, no preservatives or chemicals that are bad for you. Beyond that, I am a huge advocate of the entire Ursa Major skincare product line-up. The face wash is perfect for everyday use, it leaves your skin feeling cleansed but not dried out, and pairs well with many different lotions, tonics, and face oils for a full skincare routine.

+Grover - Boxers

I laughed at the fact that I received another set of boxers - but they are awesome! They literally look like the shorts that boxers would wear on fight night, and have a great fitted feel. They don't bunch up, which was the reason that I switched to sport trunks a long time ago. I can see many more pairs of Gover Boxers gracing my closet in the future.

Did you have a favorite Birchbox product from August that you can't get enough of?  Have you tried any of the products above? Give us a shout in the comments below to let us know your thoughts!  Additionally, if you haven't seen it (Maksym) check out my July BirchBox Man Review for some more awesome products to try out! As always, if you're interested in getting your own BirchBox Man box in the mail every month, you can sign up here! *affiliate link - I get points if you sign up through it!