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DIY: Blackhead Exfoliant Scrub


+Correct me if I'm wrong but I think Blackheads are far more fickle than pimples, at least pimples I can say good-bye to while blackheads make a home and bury themselves for what seems like an eternity...
Finally! I found something that is giving my blackheads the boot! 
+An easy, at-home remedy for those pesky little buggers. 

You Need: 
+Apple Cider Vinegar (You can substitute w. water, however, apple cider vinegar has astringent and anti-bacterial properties that will do your pores wonders!) 
+Baking Soda 
+Small mixing bowl
+Large mixing bowl
+Hand towel
+Simply, combine (enough ingredients for one use) 1 part apple cider vinegar to 2 parts baking soda in a small mixing bowl to create a paste. (Do not make this in bulk-make enough for one use)
+Dampen face with warm water & cleanse your face with your daily cleanser
+Fill a large mixing bowl with hot (very hot) water (boiling water might be the easiest)
+Place freshly cleansed face over the large bowl of hot water and place the hand towel over your head to trap the steam
+Steam your face to open up your pores (typically for 5-10 minutes)
+Once properly steamed, you should feel refreshed and "open" 
+Gently, using two fingers, mix your scrub and in a circulator motion brush across your trouble areas (nose and cheeks are the most common) 
+Once you've exfoliated your skin do not let it sit, cleanse with cold water (cold water will close your pores rather than reopen them)
++Use your DIY Blackhead Exfoliator weekly to treat, destroy and prevent further breakouts! 
Tips To Leave The Blackheads Behind
+Wash your bed sheets weekly
+Cleanse your face twice a day; Exfoliate weekly 
+Try to use products that aren't overly harsh on your skin
+Don't wear makeup every day; make up clogs your pores, only refilling the blackheads before the pores get a chance to close
+Say no to popping || squeezing || pinching || etc. This will only aggravate the skin further and expand your pores to make room for more blackheads! Just don't do it. 

[[What are your favorite at-home remedies for your skin?]]