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Ice-Pocalypse: Snow Day


Currently, the entire city is shutdown.
Okay.....Maybe, I'm exaggerating just a little.
But due to inclement weather, majority of the city is still in their pajamas, cozied up in blankets, with a mug of hot tea or a warm beverage, including myself.
I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to talk about an awesome find I found recently!
From pictures, most of you wouldn't know that I'm quite small--4'10 to be exact. I haven't grown since the 7th grade.
Honestly, I don't know if I should be excited at the fact that I can still fit into youth clothing or if I should feel some what childish.

+This Spring, French tees are huge! I happen to be in love with them, especially paired with a skater skirt or maxi. Recently, I happened upon this wonderful piece while shopping for my niece!

+But, I will say this, due to the wide range of sizing aka vanity sizing in the U.S, you would be surprised how easy it is to find some great pieces in the youth department. For all my ladies out there who are 5'3 and under, it is even easier for you to find pieces in the juniors department!
+It wasn't really until recently that stores started carrying "adult" oriented clothing for junior/youth, especially H&M, F21, Gap, etc. With this sudden surge of social media sites such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, etc. it has created this spark of great fashions for Children/Youth. Which means, for all you lovely petite ladies out there, there is more of a variety that will fit you! So, say goodbye to clothing that is very apparently youth oriented (I'm talking about those running shoes that glow as you run!) and hello to a great selection of one-of-a-kind pieces that appeal to women!

+Now, not every store is jumping on the bandwagon, there are still a lot of youth oriented clothing (rightly, so) but it is becoming much easier to find pieces that don't have child-like details. Heart shaped buttons come to mind.
++This piece reminds me of some of the these lovely pieces that I've been eyeing--and I found it in the juniors section!
+Let me just say this, don't be afraid to take a peak in different sections, you never know what you may find! Plus, big bonus, kids clothes tend to be substantially cheaper =)
P.S If you are currently in the South, stay safe!