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Spring Forward: Messy Braided Hair How To


Spring is finally here! 
For me, that means bohemian dresses, wildflowers, and listening to UsTheDuo quite frequently. So, I thought I'd share one of my go-to hairstyles for Spring!

A messy, romantic, bohemian, spring-look; perfect for any day out in nature, at school, or on a date! 
+Before you begin, make sure you have already thoroughly sprayed your hair with dry shampoo and let it set. I recommend starting with day-old hair. 
Right now, I'm using BatisteI wouldn't say it's my favorite. Honestly, I haven't found a favorite yet, but it does the job. But, if you have a favorite you'd recommend, definitely leave it in the comments below! Also, I think it's important you know what type of hair I have. Trust me, it matters. It will help you determine how much work you need to do or don't have to do as well as how to adapt this how-to to fit your hair. 
++I have very, very, very, straight, thin hair. Thin hair basically means I have to do 10x the work to keep it to stay in place. All you beautiful ladies who have thick hair are incredibly lucky! Braids love you! But, I refuse to give in to my thin hairs inability to hold! 
+Plus, I think I've finally figured out how the trick to keeping my hair right where I want it! 
 ++Day old hair is the key to keeping your tease and having extra volume. 
So, if you have thin hair like I do, day old hair, the teasing, and the hairspray are crucial! 
All The Tools Necessary 
+Dry Shampoo
+Teasing Comb
+Rat Comb
+Dried Flowers/Baby's Breath
Step One: 
   +Divide your hair into three parts (top, left side, & right side)
   +Using your teasing brush, tease each section, thoroughly 

Step Two: 
   +I wanted to include this picture just to demonstrate that this isn't enough teasing, it needs to be even fuller than this! 
Step Three:
   +Once properly teased, crunch your hair to give it that messy look! 
+You can do this quite easily by digging your hands in your hair and crunching! Hence the name =)
Step Four:
   +Take the crown of your hair and divide it into three equal large chunks (Make sure to check that both sides of the crown are still full of volume) You can use the rat comb to help with fly aways as well as manipulate your hair into the direct you want it to go
   +Braid normally once or twice (depending on how thin/thick your hair is. If it's thin like mine, I would suggest braiding it twice before beginning the french). 
   +Begin pulling large chucks from each side and braiding aka french braiding 
   +Make sure you are braiding tightly so you don't lose the volume or any strands along the way
   +Braid all the way down to the nape of the neck 
   +Once you've braided down to the nape of your neck, you can finish the rest of your braid as you would  a regular braid 
Important Note: It's really important to work with your hair in this step. remember, you are trying to achieve a very full, voluminous top portion of the braid. So, make sure you are not slicking your hair back (you might have to tease it more here if it's flattened at all). 
Step Five:
   +Now that you're braid is finished, the next part is to create a messy look!
   +Pull apart the braid as shown in the picture, this will add volume to the braid
Step Six:
    +Hairspray, hairspray, hairspray! 
    +You can pull out any layers you have to shape your face if you have them
    +Technically, you are all done! If you want to add my-take with dried flowers take a look at the next step! 
Step Seven (optional): 
    +I took old dried baby's breath flowers I had and simply placed them within the braid to add a bohemian flare! 

I hope you enjoyed this hair tutorial for Spring as much as I do! If you like it, make sure to leave a comment below, subscribe or show me a picture of your re-creation! 
[[What's your favorite Spring look?]]