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2015 || Snowed In


I don't even know what to say about my (humph, our) absence on the blog but what I will say is I promise we will be better. From moving to a new place to starting a new full time job -- blogging slipped beneath the cracks but I do miss it. So, we are back! 

Here's a little bit of what we've been up to lately...

eating / avocado, cream cheese, and toast (it has become a staple for breakfast, I highly recommend it!) 
drinking / ridiculous amounts of water, so much I pee every 5 minutes
practicing / yoga
buying / new things to fill our new home with +++
mastering / html skills + blogging & a full time job (you might have noticed, not doing that well but don't worry it's coming along!)
learning / about all things STARS Nashville 
trying /  to master my decorating skills (I would love to hear any tips you have for decorating shelves)
playing / the piano; learning new songs especially nerdy ones like Zelda Themed Music 
finishing / more like starting on some awesome upcoming blog posts!
reading / nothing but I do have a bookshelf of new books I've yet to dig into
remembering / how much fun blogging is! 
wearing / cozy sweaters, leggings, and my favorite Steve Madden boots 
cooking / an assortment of recipes, some will soon be gracing the blog
working / out, on our home, on the blog, at work, you name it! I've been doing all kinds of work! 
traveling / Old Stone Fort, it's positively beautiful and North Carolina! 
wanting / a peanut butter smoothie, yum! 

eating / filet mignon and kale salad 
drinking / aberfeldy 12 year scotch 
practicing / violin 
buying / housewares 
mastering / the perfect julienne
learning / real estate development
trying / to spend more time reading
playing / Assassin's Creed Unity 
finishing / Heidelberg's sentences
reading / Undeniable 
remembering / what snow days were like in middle school 
wearing / suit and tie
cooking / stir fry
working / on growing a man pony! 
traveling / soon Chicago! 
wanting / to go on a trip with Heidelberg! (the weekend just isn't long enough!)

 || this post was inspired by one of our favorite bloggers the simple life.